mynb_web_logo2015New Brunswick is the largest of Canada’s three Maritime provinces and is the only province in the federation that is constitutionally bilingual (English–French). Fredericton is the capital. New Brunswick covers 73,440 square kilometres.  The province’s highest peak is Mount Carleton at 820 metres (2,690 feet), which is part of the Appalachian Range, and is the centre of Mount Carleton Provincial Park, in northern New Brunswick. The total population was 729,997 people (2006 census) and there are 8 cities.

We’re two retired guys, amateur photographers. We are not associated with Tourism or the Provincial Government. Our hobby is taking photos. Through this site we want to share our photos with you. We will post photos  taken on our travels around the province, plus some oldies showing New Brunswick’s past. And we’ll  include little-known tidbits of history we uncover along the way. We also cover occasional current local events of interest to New Brunswickers.


If you’re an amateur photographer and have a favourite photograph of New Brunswick in your collection, send it and we will add it to the People’s Pics section of the site.  Click here to send an email and attach the photos. Please indicate the subject of the photo, where it was taken and when if you know. Also anything else you would like to tell us about it.

If you find old photos of historic properties or well-known people in your collection, we’d love to see them. We’ll do some digging and hopefully come up with some interesting history we can preserve. Take a look at our new “Historic Photos” section.

Minto Hotel in Grand Falls, NB in 1900

You can also send us a photo of your favourite New Brunswick place using Twitter (@mynewbrunswick) 0r use the hashtag #mynbpics . Sorry but we can’t post your photos from Instagram.

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Take a look at our video section featuring many New Brunswick attractions. From Magnetic Hill to Kings Landing, there’s something interesting to see.  And if you would like to see videos about our province, check the Tourism NB web site.

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New Brunswick truly IS “The Picture Province” with the most gorgeous scenery in the world, and the friendliest people. And we want you to discover it!

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