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104th New Brunswick Regiment

104th New Brunswick Regiment

The British were holding their own along the Niagara frontier during the summer of 1812, but the Americans were planning a major offensive when the campaign season opened in the spring of 1813. The British urgently needed reinforcements, which would have typically come by sea up the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City. But this route was closed by ice and would not open until April, too late for campaign season. Because of the quiet nature of the land war in the Maritimes, it was decided to send the 104th New Brunswick Regiment from Fredericton, N.B. to Kingston, Ontario. 554 men, split into companies of 100, began the long march to Kingston, during one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record.

The 104th New Brunswick Regiment left Fredericton on February 16th, 1813 and arrived in Kingston on April 12th. The 104th is an under-recognized military march on par with great marches in history, and most certainly one of the more significant feats accomplished during the War of 1812. 

104th regiment plaque

104th New Brunswick Regiment Foot Bridge in Fredericton NB

The 104th New Brunswick Regiment is recognized by a plaque in Carleton & York Regiment Memorial Park, located next to the Armory on Carleton Street in Fredericton.


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6 thoughts on “104th New Brunswick Regiment

  1. Where can I obtain a list of the 104th New Brunswick Regiment of Foot members or at least a list of those who participated in the Feb\, 1813 march? Thank you.

  2. Did you find a link to a list of the 104th New Brunswick Regiment of Foot members? My family lore says we have an ancestor who made the Snow shoe March but can not find his name>

  3. If you re-read the first paragraph of our post, you will see a link to the 104th New Brunswick Regiment. Click on it and choose “Battlion Roster” from the top menu. You might find the information you’re looking for there.


  4. I checked the suggested link. The members appear to be members of a forum. I seriously doubt there was ever a “Pte CoolGuy2020” on the real roster.

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