A.J. Best Tailor Shop

A.J. Best Tailor Shop

A.J. Best Tailor Shop

The A.J. Best Tailor Shop was located in Meductic, a small village located along the Saint John River in southern New Brunswick, approximately 33 kilometers southeast of Woodstock.

A.J. Best Tailor Shop

Sabian Cymbals Limited, a Meductic business, is well known on the international music scene as a supplier of finely crafted cymbals. Sabian is a major employer in the area, creating jobs for many people.

This photo is of the A.J. Best Tailor Shop which was located in Meductic. It was scanned from a Tintype. Photo was found in my Dad’s collection. Photographer unknown.

Here are some other photos of Meductic’s past.

Cummings Brothers
Cummings Brothers store and garage
Meductic Consolidated School
Meductic Consolidated School
Ella Bragdon's store in Meductic
Ella Bragdon in front of her store

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  1. I wonder what year that shop picture was taken, I am 80 and it was long before I was born. Love these old pictures!

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