Alexis Cyr House – Saint-Basile

Alexis Cyr House, Edmundston NB

Alexis Cyr House – Saint-Basile

The Alexis Cyr House, a rural structure dating back to around 1825, is a “pièce sur pièce” building situated on De la Chapelle Street in Saint-Basile, which is part of the City of Edmundston.

Alexis Cyr House

The historical significance of the Alexis Cyr House as a local landmark is attributed to its unique construction method. This dwelling stands as a rare surviving example of “pièce sur pièce” construction in New Brunswick, showcasing the vernacular building style employed by the region’s early settlers.

The age of the building also adds to its heritage value. As the oldest known residence in Madawaska County, it dates back to the early 19th century. Furthermore, it served as home to numerous members of the Cyr family, who were among the pioneers of Madawaska.

Alexis Cyr House

The heritage value of this structure is further enhanced by its present function. Owned by the Société Historique du Madawaska, the Alexis Cyr House was relocated to its current site, forming part of a historical area known as the Cradle of Madawaska. Today, the house operates as a museum, displaying a variety of exhibits related to the region’s rich history.

Pioneers Chapel Chapel

The Pioneers Chapel, which is located at the Saint-Basile Cemetery was also associated with the Alexis Cyr house. 

Cradle of Madawaska

Behind the park you will find the Site Marial de Saint Basile constructed on the side hill. 

Site Marial de Saint Basile

Berceau Park has a water feature and playground for children, benches to relax, washrooms and beautiful landscaping.

Berceau Park Saint-Basile, NB

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