Alfred E. Peters House – Moncton

Alfred E Peters House Moncton

Alfred E. Peters House – Moncton

The Alfred E. Peters House consists of a three-story red brick and pink sandstone Romanesque Revival styled dwelling located at 35 Highfield Street in Moncton. Originally a residence for Alfred E. Peters and his family, the structure served as the YWCA of Moncton at this location for many years. 

Alfred E Peters House Moncton

Designed by local architect René-Arthur Frechet, construction of this red brick and pink sandstone residence began in 1903 and was completed in 1905. The sandstone, obtained from what is now called the Mount Allison University Quarry, is rough-cut and used throughout the exterior, providing interesting architectural detail. Perhaps the most striking feature of the house is the decorated ‘beehive’ turret above the main entrance. 

Alfred E. Peters House - Moncton

The Alfred E. Peters House is also designated for its association with its original owner, Alfred E. Peters, and its former occupants, the YWCA of Moncton.

Alfred E. Peters’ contributions to industry in Moncton are significant. He established The Peters Combination Lock Factory. Many of his brass designs for this company inspired elements of his residence such as hinges, doorknobs, back plates and even the parapet of the west-facing dormer. Also, Peters’ venture with stove and furnace manufacturing with the Record Foundry was very successful.

In 1920, he sold his residence to the newly established YWCA of Moncton. Since then, the YWCA has moved to a new location at 135 Kendra Street.  


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