Arthur Gibson House

Arthur Gibson House

Arthur Gibson House

This Beaux-Arts house, with its generous grounds and carriage house located at 58 Waterloo Row in Fredericton, was built in 1910 for prominent Fredericton merchant Arthur Gibson, son of Marysville’s “Boss” Gibson. Arthur Gibson House

In a relatively brief period it has been the home of many prominent citizens, including Lieutenant-Governors Murray MacLaren and Wallace Bird, New Brunswick Chief Justice J.E. Michaud, and Premier Louis Robichaud. Since 1973 it was occupied by the sitting President of the University of New Brunswick for a time.

The property was originally set aside by the Loyalists to support the College, while its adjacent lot was leased to infamous Revolutionary War “traitor” Benedict Arnold from 1786 to 1790.

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2 thoughts on “Arthur Gibson House

  1. Hi I just came buy this post. My name is Charles Gibson, Arthur Gibson was my Great Grandfather. My grandfather was Harry Gibson who owned John Gibson and Son on Queen St Fredericton. I have only been in the house once during the time Louis Robichaud was Premier. I went to school with his sons. I live now in Vancouver BC.

  2. Arthur Gibson was my great Uncle. He was the son of Alexander “Boss” Gibson, my great great grandfather. His oldest son John Thomas Gibson was the father of my grandmother Alice Watson Gibson. She married Charles Logan Chisholm and their first child, John Thomas Gibson Chisholm was my father. I would love to hear from anyone who believes we are related. I am 73 and the age difference of 53 years between my father and I left a large gap in the line of the family tree. As far as I know I am the only living relative left directly linked to Alexander Gibson – two times removed. Alice Mary Gibson Chisholm (Hughes) British Columbia

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