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Baie Sainte Anne

Baie Sainte Anne

Baie Sainte Anne is the first community along the southern shore of Miramichi Bay close to the Northumberland Strait. It is approximately 30 miles below the City of Miramichi. It and Escuminac along route # 117 where the wharf is located, form a community that primarily relies on fishing. It is an area with strong Acadian roots. The majority speak French, although most are bilingual. 

It is said that Jacques Cartier entered Miramichi Bay in 1534, perhaps landing at Escuminac Pointe. On October 6, 1789 records show that “a Joseph Tibido, John Eber, Peter Blauson, Benjamin Blauson, Paul Doucette, Villeroy Doucette and Baptiste Blauson, Canadians and Acadians” made application to become settlers in the area. As they say, the rest is history.

Although never incorporated as a village, Baie Sainte Anne has continued to grow. Today the Baie Sainte-Anne community which includes Hardwicke and Escuminac has a population estimated at 2,000.

The community is home to Yvon Durelle who was Canadian and British Empire light-heavyweight boxing champion. Durelle came within a whisker on what is still considered a slow count of becoming world champion when he knocked Archie Moore to the canvas in the first round in Montreal December 10, 1958. 

Norbert Theriault
Norbert Theriault

Baie Sainte Anne also had its own senator in the Honourable Norbert Theriault. He was born in Eel River Bridge. He represented Northumberland (1960-1974) and Baie-du-Vin (1974-1979) in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, and was a provincial cabinet minister in New Brunswick in the 1960s. He was appointed to the Senate of Canada on March 26, 1979 on the advice of then-Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and served until his 75h birthday on February 16, 1996.

His son Camille Thériault also served a member of the NB Legislature, and was Premier of New Brunswick from May 14, 1998 until June 21, 1999.

Baie Sainte Anne also survived on of the greatest fishing disasters ever known. On June 19th, 1959 a fleet of 54 vessels set forth for salmon on Miramichi Bay. But a freak storm hit the area with 22 boats being lost and 35 men and boys drowned. There is a monument to these brave fishermen at Escuminac. 

Escuminac Disaster Monument

The Raymond O¹Neill and Sons and the Fishermen¹s Co-op process lobster and a variety of other species which are shipped world-wide. Approximately 200 people are employed with this business. 

Today, besides fishing Baie Sainte Anne has a peat moss industry and a beautiful dune beach along with a light house. It has a high school, several churches, stores, the Ade Theriault Arena, Community Centre and Golden Age Club. It also has its own Chamber of Commerce with Alphonse Turbide as president. Turbide survived the storm that caused the Escuminac Disaster. He was a boy of 14 when he went out on one of the fishing boats that fateful evening.

Each year there is the community “Blessing of the Fleet” and a “Fruit de Mer” Sea Food Festival. 

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