Before the Bricklin

The Bricklin and Richard Hatfield New York 1974

Before the Bricklin

On May 7, 1901 Before the Bricklin, Moncton inventor Alex Carter and machinist Walter S. Bowness build New Brunswick’s first automobile in their shop on Victoria Street.

The first auto models, which appeared circa 1910, were all a little different from each other, and each one had distinctive features meant to set it apart from all the rest.

The first “Russel” car to be licenced, received License Number Twenty on May 25, 1906. It belonged to Bernard Miller, Saint John.

Other models to appear in the province included: on December 03, 1906, Dr. R. L. Ellis, Jacquet River received Number Forty when he registered his Orient Buckboard.

1910 Russel built on Moncton

Thirty-seven vehicles were registered in 1907.  One of them was a first for Edmundston when J. Adolphe Guy licenced a red Ford Runabout, receiving Licence No. 67.

Mrs. Harry Southan, St. Andrews received Licence Number 1404 in 1913 for her Pierce-Arrow.

This information from  “Early Motoring in New Brunswick 1905 to 1914” by Lucide Rioux is available for viewing at several libraries.


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