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Black House – Sackville

Black House – Sackville

Black House is located at 82 York Street in Sackville. It is a shingle style house built in 1896. The Pickard barn is also included in the description of this historic place.

Black House is designated as a Local Historic Place because of its shingle style architecture. It is part of a legacy of unique houses left by artist John Hammond. Hammond was already famous as an artist by the time he came to Mount Allison in 1893 with the establishment of The Owens Museum of Fine Arts. It also was the home of Senator Frank B. Black, prominent in the commercial and military affairs of the Province of New Brunswick.

The Pickard barn also increases the heritage value of the site. In 1903, Hammond renovated the Pickard barn, which became his summer studio which is still in use today. The former barn/summer studio has become a student residence called Bermuda House. 

Black House, Sackville, NB

The property belonged to Joseph B. Bowser until purchased by the Pickard family. In 1890, after the death of Rev. Humphrey Pickard, Principal of Mount Allison Academy from 1843 to 1869, the heirs sold the land to James R. Inch. John Hammond acquired this property on York Street in 1896 from James R. Dr. Borden, head of the Ladies’ College at Mount Allison University. He agreed, on behalf of the College, to build a structure to house the collection of John Owens, wealthy shipbuilder of Saint John. The paintings included a large collection of 18th and 19th century European and North American art. At the same time, Hammond agreed to come to the university to be head of fine arts. Hammond landscaped the property and Edmund Burke, architect from Toronto, designed the house. 

Black House, Sackville, NB

The John Hammond House was acquired by Fred Ryan in 1909 and sold to Frank B. Black in 1912. At the time of his death, in 1945, Black had been President of J. L. Black and Sons, Ltd., founded in the 1850s. The company carried on a large-scale merchandising lumbering and farming business. In addition, Black was President of New Brunswick Telephone Company Limited and held directorships in many other Maritime Companies. He had a long and distinguished military career. He served as Mayor of Sackville. He was elected to the New Brunswick Legislature and was called to the Senate in 1921. 

The buildings were acquired by Mount Allison University. In September 1958, President W.T.R. Flemington moved into one of the apartments in the converted summer studio, to free up space in the President’s Cottage for university women students. The main house then became home to the President of Mount Allison University until 1975. The External Relations Department of Mount Allison University occupies this heritage house. 


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  1. Thank you for providing a clear, concise and interesting history of this absolutely beautiful building. Your photographs, as usual, are so awesome!

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