Black’s Harbour

Black's Harbour Fishing Boats

Black’s Harbour

Nestled on New Brunswick’s southern coast lies the quaint fishing hamlet of Black’s Harbour, named in honor of the Black family who had been long-standing residents in the area. For over a century, this community has thrived off the sea’s riches, particularly the small herring known as sardines.

The way of life in Black’s Harbour was serene and rustic, with its inhabitants’ livelihoods deeply intertwined with the generous Bay of Fundy. This tightly-knit village thrived on familiarity, where every face was known and every story, shared.

However, change arrived in the form of a wealthy entrepreneur from the city, keen on establishing a substantial seafood processing facility in the village. This plant promised job opportunities and economic development, yet the locals were hesitant about the potential alterations to their way of life.

Despite concerns, the village council green-lighted the plant’s construction, hopeful for the prosperity it might bring. The facility was swiftly erected, and soon, a constant flow of seafood-laden trucks traversed the village.

Initially, the plant seemed a boon for Black’s Harbour, offering employment and boosting the economy. But over time, a troubling reality emerged: the pristine bay waters became tainted and fish populations dwindled.

Resolved to protect their beloved environment, the villagers united against the plant. Their battle was challenging, but ultimately triumphant. The plant was dismantled, allowing the bay to gradually reclaim its pristine state.

True North Seafood Plant Black's Harbour

Nowadays, Black’s Harbour has blossomed anew into a bustling fishing community, with a heightened commitment to sustainable fishing and preserving the environment. Notable companies like Cooke Aquaculture and Connors Brothers/Cloverleaf Seafood are key players in the village’s industry.

Additionally, the ferry service to Grand Manan Island is a significant aspect of Black’s Harbour, departing multiple times daily. This ferry is a vital link, transporting numerous passengers and commercial vehicles to and from the island.

Grand Manan FerryThe people of Black’s Harbour take great pride in their community and their dedication to preserving it for the coming generations. While the village has undergone transformations through the years, a constant remains: the enduring love and care the residents have for their home, a sentiment that has stood the test of time.

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