Boiestown United Church

Boiestown New Brunswick United Church

Boiestown United Church

The Boiestown United Church, formerly the Boiestown Methodist Church, was constructed in 1868 an is situated near the banks of the Taxis River on the north side of Route #625 in Boiestown

The Boiestown United Church is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with the Fairley family, for its architecture and for its spiritual impact since the mid 19th century. 

Interior Boiestown NB United Church

The Boiestown United Church is the oldest existing church in the area. The construction of the church was spearheaded by the Trustees, many of whom were of the Fairley family. The Fairleys were prominent business members of the community and followers of the Methodist faith. The church is a good example of rural Gothic Revival religious architecture from this era in New Brunswick. 

Exterior of Boiestown NB United Church

The Boiestown United Church is also valued within the community for its spiritual impact. In 1903, the local Methodist congregation agreed to share the use of their church and its operational costs with the Presbyterian and Baptist congregations. This arrangement carried on until 1912 when the Baptist congregation constructed its own church. Such an event promoted a community bond within the faiths. The Presbyterian congregation joined with the Methodist congregation in 1925 to form the United Church of Canada.

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