Bristol Shogomoc Railway Site

Bristol Shogomoc Railway Site

Bristol Shogomoc Railway Site

Situated on Main Street in what was formerly known as the Village of Bristol, now Florenceville-Bristol, the Bristol Shogomoc Railway Site features the historic Florenceville CPR Station, around 610 meters of railway track, and three early CPR passenger train cars.

Recognized as a Local Historic Place, the Bristol Shogomoc Railway Site stands as a symbolic testament to the bygone railway era of Florenceville-Bristol. Although touring the station is not permitted, its architectural elegance can still be admired from the outside!

Bristol Shogomoc Railway Site

The site is essentially a curated historical monument, with its elements – including the station house and railway cars – not originally positioned here. The station house is specially designated for both its architectural significance and historical value. You can check the thumbnails for a glimpse into the station’s interior.

Initially built in 1914 as the Florenceville CPR Station, the building mirrors the design of the Bristol Station that graced this site from 1910 to 1971.

Bristol Shogomoc Railway Station
Photo by Canada’s Historic Places

In 2000, the Shogomoc Rail Club bought this station and relocated it from its previous spot about 6km down the railway in Florenceville, to its current location. The station is one of the last remaining examples of CPR Plan #20 in Canada, and the only such example east of Montreal. The railway cars that form part of the site are included in the designation as they represent excellent examples of early passenger cars that would have regularly arrived at the station.

It’s speculated that one of these cars was part of the Royal Train during King George VI’s Royal Tour of Canada in 1939.

The preserved length of original tracks enhances the site’s overall aesthetic and historical value, paying tribute to the rich railway legacy of Florenceville-Bristol.

The site offers RV parking and access to walking trails, and it’s located just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Riverside Park.

Bristol Shogomoc Railway Site

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7 thoughts on “Bristol Shogomoc Railway Site

  1. I understand that the Co-op Creamery was across the street of the locaton of the station now? I have an article on the railroad accident that claimed the life of Percy Prior, Isaac Gallagher, and George Prior, I belive Percy and Isaac were going to a Co-op meetine Jun 9, 1947 regarding starting the creamery. Please email me if you would like a copy of this and a phot of Percy Prior.

    1. Hi Joanne,

      From speaking with the folks at Florenceville-Bristol Tourism, we learned that in 2000, the Shogomoc Rail Club purchased this station and moved it from its former location approximately 6km down the track in Florenceville, to the present site.

      Larry & Steve

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