Carleton & York Regiment Memorial Park

Carleton & York Regiment Memorial Park Monument , Fredericton

Carleton & York Regiment Memorial Park

The Carleton and York Regiment, a militia unit from New Brunswick, was created in 1936 from a fusion of the Carleton Light Infantry and York Regiments. On September 1, 1939, this unit was called up for duty in the Second World War. Adjacent to the Armoury on Carleton Street in Fredericton, you will find the Carleton & York Regiment Memorial Park.

Carleton & York Regiment Memorial Park, Fredericton

Carleton & York Regiment Memorial Park Monument, Fredericton

As a constituent of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Brigade in the 1st Canadian Division, the regiment departed for the United Kingdom on December 9, 1939.

Following several strategic shifts, the regiment was engaged in extensive training in preparation for the demanding battles ahead on the continent. After three and a half years, the unit was a part of the Sicily invasion in July and August of 1943. In the ensuing month of September, it participated in the assault on the Italian mainland, operating as an assault battalion in the vanguard brigade.

For the next three months, the regiment fought as a component of the British 8th Army, contending with the challenging topography and cunning defensive strategies like bridge demolitions, employed by the retreating German soldiers.

However, in December 1943, the Germans altered their strategy, endeavoring to restrain the Allies’ progress as far south as possible.

Between that time and March 1945, the Carleton and York Regiment engaged in a series of fierce and costly battles, including those at Ortona, the Gothic Line, and the Liri Valley.

In April 1945, the regiment took part in a short-lived campaign against the Germans in Holland, which was followed by the final German surrender.

Post-war, the regiment was demobilized and returned to its status as a militia unit. In 1954, it was amalgamated with the New Brunswick Scottish Regiment to form the First Battalion, The Royal New Brunswick Regiment (Carleton and York).

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