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Chester Eatmon

Chester Eatmon was born in Elm Hill on 7 Jun 1904 to William Bateman Eatman and Rosella Blanch McIntyre. Chester Aldophus Eatmon married Edna McCarty in November 10, 1925. Chester later changed his last name to Eatmon after marrying Edna.  

Eatmon, who lived on the outskirts of Fredericton, was known to be Canada’s oldest licensed harness racing driver at the age of 82 and was a fixture at the Fredericton Raceway for 26 years. 

Chester Eatmon received award

Eatmon began his harness racing career training and driving at the age of 56, fulfilling a life long ambition that had been side tracked from having fathered 21 children with his first wife Edna and raising 11 children with his second wife while working back breaking labor jobs. “I don’t race for the money, although it’s nice when it comes along, I race for the glory and the thrill” he said with pride. 

Chester designed and made the monument in the Catholic graveyard of “Jesus on the Cross” on the Woodstock Road in Fredericton.

Chester Eatmon Family
Sherry Eatmon Photo
Fredericton Raceway
Old Timers Race in Fredericton. Don Jenkins second from horses head (Willard’s Father) Chester Eatmon four from horses head, Ross Galbraith third from horses head. Herb Craft, Lloyd McKinney second in from right. Rick Armstrong added: Walter Ackerly next to Chester Eatmon Sr.and Bruce Macdonald next to him on the end.

Chester Eatmon passed away on July 21, 1988 in Fredericton. He is buried beside Edna at Sunny Bank Cemetery in Devon where some of his children are laid to rest.

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Source: New Brunswick Black History Society 
Some photos supplied by Sherry Eatmon 

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  1. Hi, I have been doing some family history digging and believe that this man is my great grandfather. If someone would be able to contact me to help me figure out more about my family that would be fantastic. I would love to get pucture and just know about their lives. My biological father won’t tell me anything. Thank you.

  2. Chester was a great friend of my Dad Garfield L. Skinner who lived in Saint John and a frequent visitor to our home .

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