Christ Church Cathedral Steeple

Christ Church Cathedral Steeple

Christ Church Cathedral Steeple

Christ Church Cathedral in Fredericton serves as the central hub for the Diocese of Fredericton Anglican Church, an area identical to the civil Province of New Brunswick. Work on the Cathedral commenced in 1845 following the appointment of Archbishop John Medley as the inaugural bishop of the newly formed diocese. The building project concluded in 1853, drawing architectural inspiration from the Church of St. Mary in Snettisham, England.

A dramatic incident occurred on July 3, 1911, when a lightning bolt targeted the Cathedral’s south-west corner. The ensuing fire climbed to the steeple via the roof, resulting in the destruction of both the steeple and the chancel. The current structure replaced the destroyed segments. As the initial steeple burned, its bells plummeted and were ruined. These fragments were later melted and remoulded into dinner bells with a distinct, clear sound and sold to generate funds for the Cathedral’s restoration.

Among the many historical treasures housed in the Cathedral is a unique clock, acquired in 1854 for £160. This timepiece, featuring a novel and untested escapement, served as the blueprint for the clock installed in the British Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

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