January 29, 2023


Christ Church Cathedral Steeple

Christ Church Cathedral Steeple

Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, is the seat of the Anglican Church for the Diocese of Fredericton Anglican Church. The diocese has the same boundaries as the civil Province of New Brunswick. Construction of the Cathedral started in 1845, soon after Archbishop John Medley was appointed as the first bishop of the new diocese. It was completed in 1853. Its design was based on the Church of St. Mary, Snettisham, England.

On July 3, 1911, lightning struck the south-west corner of the Cathedral. The resulting fire spread through the roof to the steeple, which along with the chancel was destroyed. It was replaced with the structure which is now in place. When the original steeple burned, its bells fell and were destroyed. They were melted down and made into dinner bells with an especially nice clear tone. These were sold as a fund-raiser for the repairs.

One of many historic items in the Cathedral is its clock. It was purchased in 1854 for £160. It had a newly designed and untried escapement and was the prototype for the clock installed the the British Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

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