Christ Church – Clifton

Chirst Church, Clifton

Christ Church – Clifton

The Anglican Parish of New Bandon was formed in 1831.

In the year 1841 a church was built in Clifton.  It was located where Christ Church Cemetery is today. The Church and cemetery were consecrated on August 14th 1843. 

In the late 1880s it was decided to build a larger church so, on August 15th 1888, a cornerstone was laid for the Christ Church we have today.  It stood for over a hundred years close to the south side of highway 11.  In the year 2001, it was moved back from the road about eighty feet and placed on a new foundation.  

Chirst Church Clifton
Christ Church, Clifton, built in 1888.

A new addition, sixteen by twenty feet, was added and finished in 2004.  It was called the Memorial Room and was dedicated by Bishop Miller in 2005.  It provides much needed space for the choir and clergy to robe and assemble, for a bride and her attendants to enter the church, and for the family of a deceased person to assemble before the funeral among other uses.

The rectory was built around 1933.  It has had many repairs over the years.  In 2002, a new kitchen, laundry room and enlarged bathroom were completed.  In 2005, a new roof was put on and the porch windows were replaced, and, in 2006, the front door was replaced with a steel one.

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