Church of Saint Peter – Cocagne

Saint Pierre de Cocagne Church

Church of Saint Peter – Cocagne

Nicolas Denys visited the Acadian coastal area in 1632 and accosted in a bay where he found an abundance of seafood and game; he named this place Cocagne. In 1767, the first Acadian families became established there and received their title deeds in 1772. They became the first Acadians to possess land after the Deportation, in the present limits of the province of New Brunswick. 

One of the first settlers, Joseph Guéguen, was more educated than others and became known as the most educated man in Acadie; he would preside at baptisms and weddings in the absence of a priest. He was himself considered as a priest. 

Saint Pierre de Cocagne Church

Around 1798, the first chapel of Saint Peter was built. Construction of the second church began in 1833 and it would be replaced in 1892 by a third church which would be extended in 1900. 

Saint Pierre de Cocagne Church

The parish would be served by missionaries until 1863 when a first priest was appointed; Fr. Antoine Gosselin. 

Saint Pierre de Cocagne Church

In 1972, after much consideration and several studies, construction of a new church was realised under the direction of Fr. Armand LeBlanc. The official opening was held on January 7, 1973. 

Grotto Saint Pierre de Cocagne Church

Church of Saint Peter has always been an active parish. Over the years, several religious feasts were celebrated at the grotto as well as festivities in the surrounding community. These recreational activities brought thousands of visitors to the area and helped make Cocagne a great place to live. 

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Resource: Archdiocese of Moncton  

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  1. I am trying to find the birth record of my paternal great great grandmother Monique Hebert born May 1st 1822 Her parents are Francois Hebert and Marie Henriette Gueguen. I received some information that her birth record might be in book 1800-1864 on page 21. I would appreciate any help you could give me and will incur any expenses for your research. Thank you for your help in this matter.

  2. I live in FLorida and visited Cocagne in July but could not find the grave of Josephe Gueguen, my grandfather. I visited Morlaix, Brittany and saw St. Melaine Church, the church he was baptized in but I would like to find his burial site as that would be the beginning and end of his life. Can anyone help me to locate the grave of Josephe Gueguen? Thanks, William Gueguen Gouveia

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