Church of The Ascension – Grand Manan

Church of The Ascension Grand Manan

Church of The Ascension – Grand Manan

The Church of The Ascension  Grand Manan is designated a Local Historic Place for being the second church established on the island. Built in 1881, the church belongs to the Anglican Church Parish of the island. The two Anglican churches are served by one rector. It represents the long-standing presence of the Anglican Church in Grand Manan. 

Interior of the Church of Ascension Sanctuary, Grand Manan

The Church of The Ascension is also recognized for its architecture. It is a good example of a small rural Gothic Revival church from the late 19th century in New Brunswick. It is made of wood and has original stained glass windows. 

One of the stained glass windows at Church of Ascension

Because of its height and its location on the hilltop, it can be seen from miles out to sea and a long distance on land down the island. 

old black & white photo of Church of the Ascension Grand Manan

The Covert Hall was added in 1904 and has the matching design unique to the church with the high pitched roof and interior wood decor.

Covert Hall, Grand Manan
Covert Hall, Church of the Ascension, Grand Manan

The pitch of the church roof is such that during a re-shingling, people would stop along the road and pray for those working on it. 


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