Cory Cottage

Cory Cottage

Cory Cottage

Constructed in 1830 and renovated in 1915, Cory Cottage is situated on Carleton Street in St. Andrews. Jacob Haddock, a house joiner responsible for constructing many homes in the area, once resided in the cottage.

In 1915, Hayter and Kate Reed bought the Haddock home. They owned the neighboring property, Pansy Patch, and transformed Cory Cottage into a summer residence for their son Gordon. Hayter Reed served as Deputy Superintendent of Indian Affairs, while his wife Kate was Canada’s first female interior decorator, hired to design interiors for all CPR hotels. Gordon Reed, an architect, was known for his talent with colors and beautiful decorations.

Cory Cottage St. Andrews

During the summer of 1927, Irene Castle and Fred McLaughlin lived at Cory Cottage. Irene and her first husband, Vernon Castle, were celebrated ballroom dancers in the early 20th century and played a significant role in popularizing modern dancing. 

Irene Castle
Irene Castle in Irving Berlin’s 1914 musical “WatchYour Step”

Their most notable collaboration was on Broadway in Irving Berlin’s debut musical “Watch Your Step” (1914), where they refined and popularized the Foxtrot dance. The couple also originated the Castle Walk dance.

Irving Berlins Watch Your Step

Irene’s third husband, Fred McLaughlin, founded the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, and Irene designed the team logo that remains in use today. While staying at Cory Cottage in 1927, they enjoyed close interactions with local residents. 

Chicago Blackhawks Logo

Cory Cottage At The Pansy Patch apartment offers guests rooms with garden views, located just 2.2 km from Passamaquoddy Bay.

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