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Currie House Museum

Currie House Museum

The Fredericton Junction Historical Society have partnered with the Village of Fredericton Junction, the Oromocto Watershed Association Inc. and the Hanson Art Gallery to present a place so special that  is a must to see and experience again and again from season to season.  The Currie House Museum, 100 Currie Lane, is open to the public in the summer. 

Dr. Elizabeth Secord

The first woman licensed to practice medicine in New Brunswick grew up in Sunbury County and began her practice there. Dr. Elizabeth Secord (1841-1916) was born Elizabeth Smith into a family of nine children. She met her future husband, John Secord, when she taught public school in Norton.  She decided to become a doctor when she became a widow in her early 30s, with a young son in tow. No Canadian medical school accepted women, so Secord earned her MD in 1881 from Keokuk College, Iowa. She also trained at the Woman’s Hospital Medical College of Chicago and did post-graduate work at the University of Dublin.  It was in face of “somewhat bitter opposition” that she was registered as a physician in New Brunswick in 1883.  Dr. Secord’s Medical diploma is in the Currie House Museum. 

Fredericton Junction

Nearby Currie Park is open all year around. Within the park you will find the White Rapids Adventure Trails. You will walk through one of New Brunswick’s greatest white pine forests. Easy walking trails with approximately twenty sculptures carved out of pine trees.

Fishing in Fredericton Junction

See salmon and gaspereau swimming through the forest, black bear on the hunt, a turtle and beaver and an interesting variety of sculpture art. Stand on Currie Point Bluff and view the White Rapids and Gaspereau Falls. Don’t miss the historic gaspereau run in the spring and always bring your fishing rod as the fishing is incredible! 

Believe it or not… elephants swam and bathed in the Oromocto River. The years was 1912. The Barnum And Bailey Circus train came to Fredericton Junction. They stayed for two days and put on a full circus program. When the “Greatest Show On Earth” was over, the elephants were marched down to the North Oromocto River by Peterson’s Rock where they washed and watered. The elephant statue in Currie Park commemorates that day. 

Fredericton Junction Elephant statue

Bring your camera as this place is a photographer’s delight. Don’t forget to climb and explore the face of Currie Bluff for fossils, as there are many!

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