Deep Cove School – Grand Manan

Deep cove School

Deep Cove School – Grand Manan

The Deep Cove School is located at the back of the Grand Manan Museum in Grand Harbour. It is a traditional one-room school from the late 19th century. At the back of the school stands an old two-door outhouse. Directly behind the school is the Grand Harbour Bay. 

Deep Harbour School

The Deep Cove School is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with the area’s educational history. This traditional rural building was the last one-room school to operate on Grand Manan Island.

During its early years the Deep Cove School served as a school and an occasional place of worship, as well as a venue for community meetings. 

Deep cove School
Photo by MJ Edwards

The school was first built and opened in 1889. As the community in this area migrated more to the north, so did the school. It was moved in 1922 and again in 1933. The final year it operated as a school was 1947. 

Subsequently, it was used as a fisherman shed for a number of years.

In 1963, it was donated by Marion Laffoley and was moved to Grand Harbour as a permanent display for the Grand Manan Museum. 

Deep Cove School, Grand Manan
Photo by MJ Edwards

The school house is organized as it was when in use and is open to the public in the summer months. It exhibits a collection of original school items as well as items on loan from various museums in New Brunswick. 

Resource: Grand Manan Archives

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