Deer Island

Deer Island, New Brunswick

Deer Island

Deer Island is located in the Bay of Fundy at the entrance to Passamaquoddy Bay. The Island is located in West Isles Parish and is part of the Fundy Islands in Charlotte County.
Deer Island, New Brunswick

At 45 km, the island is the largest in the West Isles Parish which had a 2001 population of 851.

The major communities on the island are Fairhaven, Leonardville, Lords Cove and Cummings Cove.

Deer Island, New Brunswick

The economy is primarily driven by the fishing and aquaculture industries although tourism is growing in importance.

Deer Island Old Sow Sign

The island is famous for playing host to Old Sow, the largest tidal whirlpool in the western hemisphere. The Point is also popular with scuba divers for its marine life.

The "Old Sow" on Deer Island NB
The “Old Sow” on Deer Island 

The is entirely rural with only one major route which is Route 772.

Deer Island Princess Ferry at Deer Island, New Brunswick

The provincially operated L’Etete to the island Ferry connects the island with L’Etete on the Canadian mainland throughout the year.

Deer Island

During the summer, privately operated ferries operate the Cummings Cove to Welshpool Ferry which goes to Campobello Island, and the Cummings Cove to Eastport Ferry which goes to the U.S. state of Maine.

Deer Island sunset, New Brunswick

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