Doaktown’s First One Room School

Doaktown's Firat School

Doaktown’s First One Room School

Doaktown’s First One Room School is an early 19th-century New Brunswick school located on the Doak Provincial Historic Site. It is situated on the south side of Main Street in the Village of Doaktown

Desks in Doaktown's first school

Doaktown’s First School, believed to have been constructed in 1822, served the children of early immigrant settlers. The building is also valued for its interior layout. Windows are located on one wall allowing midday sunlight to enter the room, with the opposite wall offering a blackboard and teaching area. 

Two-holer in Doaktown's first school

The uniqueness of the layout for the era is also apparent in that the lavatory facilities are contained within the building and are partitioned on the west end. 

Teachers desk at Doaktown's First School

Doaktown’s First School was closed in later years due to a growing population that required a larger building to house the students.

The Central Miramichi Historical Society moved the building to its present location at the Doak House Provincial Historic Site in 1996.

Source: HistoricPlaces

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