Dr. Crocket House

The Crockets were a distinguished family, originally hailing from Chatham. Patriarch William Crocket was the first Principal of the Provincial Normal School, later becoming the Chief Superintendent of Education. His son, William Caldwell Crocket, was educated at the University of New Brunswick and McGill University, where he received a medical degree. Dr. Crocket was elected Mayor of Fredericton in 1901, serving two successful terms. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly, representing York County from 1917 until 1920. Dr. Crocket also sat on the UNB Senate.

Dr. Crocket House

Dr. Crocket engaged Saint John architect, G. Ernest Fairweather, to design this house. Mr. Fairweather drew the plans for the UNB Engineering Building, completed in 1901, and the UNB Gymnasium, completed in 1904, later serving as Architect for the Public Works Department; Fairweather would also design renovations to the Provincial Normal School in 1913.

The Crocket family occupied this house at 171 Church Street in Fredericton until the early 1940s, and in 1944, it was rented by the Provincial Government for use as office space for newly established ministries. The interior boasts one of the City’s most stunning stained glass windows: a fanciful “summer” scene depicting a maiden surrounded by cherubs.

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  1. In 1960 the house was sold to Mr & Mrs Clifford Vail and his family of five children. They remained the homes owners until 2003 when it was sold to Mr Robert Simonds and family.

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