Edward Moore House

Edward Moore House

For over a century, a log cabin that predates the layout of the town resided on this site. It was eventually replaced by this distinctive three-storey Queen Anne style home, constructed in 1900 by Joshua Limerick for Edward Moore. Situated at 796 Queen Street in Fredericton, this prominent abode boasts decorative shingles, stained glass windows, bay windows, and a unique corner tower with a conical roof.

Notably, the entrance is emphasized by a Classical pediment, bolstered by a pair of Ionic columns. Both the house’s design and its position signify a shift from the early to mid-19th century architecture found in the original town to the more diverse structures of the late 19th and early 20th century, particularly those around the Cathedral and Waterloo Row.

Today, this historical structure serves as the home of Gallery 78.

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