Family Fun in Odell Park

Family Fun in Odell Park

Odell Park, a widely praised gem among Fredericton’s parklands, is acknowledged as one of Canada’s most picturesque parks of its kind. This expansive 400-acre park, nestled in the city’s core, features a multitude of notable attractions, such as a duck pond, deer pen, a freely wandering population of deer, an arboretum, and a botanical garden. The tranquil atmosphere of Odell Park significantly enhances Fredericton’s image as the “last surviving hometown of America”.

Set amongst woodlands and fields that formerly comprised the estate of Reverend Jonathan Odell, the park offers individuals the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities and connect with nature throughout the changing seasons. The Odell family named their extensive estate “Rookwood,” a name that endures today on the avenue directing to the primary entrance of Odell Park. Officially inaugurated in 1954, the park has seen additions of lush lawns, duck ponds, a deer enclosure, and a multi-purpose visitors center, opened by the Queen Mother in 1967.

Today we visited and found people enjoying a winter afternoon. 

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