December 7, 2022


First Stella-Maris Hospital

First Stella-Maris Hospital

The First Stella-Maris Hospital, located at 127 Du Couvent Road in Bouctouche is recognized as a Local Historic Place for its former function as the original Stella-Maris Hospital, for its association with the McLaughlin Family and for its architecture.

The heritage value of the first Stella-Maris Hospital lies in its former function as a hospital. In 1947, nurse Aline Michaud-Marcoux, with the support of her husband, Dr. Robert Marcoux, and her father, Félix Michaud, established the region’s first hospital within the residence. This was considered a major event. The value of the medical care provided to the people at the original hospital facility was immeasurable. 

Stella-Maris Hospital, Bouctouche, NB

The first Stella-Maris Hospital is also recognized for its association with the family who lived there. This middle-class home was the residence of Michael McLaughlin and family before being transformed into a hospital.

During a trip to Europe in 1881, local priest, Father Michaud, went to Ireland where he met Michael McLaughlin. The young Irishman then accompanied the priest back to Canada. He later married Sophie Michaud, Father Michaud’s niece. Michael McLaughlin would become the founder of the McLaughlin Company Ltd. 


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