New Brunswick seems particularly rich in phantom folklore. Headless women, phantom boats, hellish hounds and singing spectres apparently frequent every corner of every county. Some are old ghosts, more entertaining than eerie, preserved in the oral tradition through folksongs, poetry and tall tales told to terrify the young. Others carry the weight of first-hand experience recalled by seemingly credible witnesses. Here are a few New Brunswick ghost stories. You can also read about New Brunswick Haunted Locations.

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If you have a New Brunswick ghost story or folklore, let us know and we’ll add it to our list.  Please send it to us or send a link to where it can be found on the internet. We’ll add it to our list. 

Enjoy a few of these stories:
The Residence Ghost 
Major Gilfrid Studholme’s Treasure 
Capital Theatre Ghosts
Three Notes on a Fiddle 
The Keenan Bridge Ghost 
John Hopper’s Restless Gravestone 
Lake Utopia Monster 
The Legend of “Old Snowball” 
Algonquin in St. Andrews 
Charlotte County Courthouse 
Haunted Locations
Rebecca’s Concrete Grave 
Jack The Quack 
A Pirate Ghost on Grand Manan 
The Headless Nun 
The Dungarvon Whooper 
Boyce Mansion Haunting 
The Phantom of the Bay of The Chaleur 
Fredericton Military Barracks 
Gray’s Island Cemetery & The Gray’s Island Ghost 
Christ Church Cathedral 
Judge Jeremiah Hayes Berry 
Currie Mountain Treasure 
The Red Room 
The Jenkins House Ghost 
Belmont House 
The Haunted School 
St. Martins Phantom Ship 
How Dark Harbour Grand Manan Received Its Name 
The Legend of Money Cove 
Skyway Lodge in Miramichi 


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