Belmont House

Belmont House, Lincoln NB

I grew up in an area known as Lincoln. It is on the outskirts of New Brunswick’s capital city of Fredericton. The house that I am writing about is dated to the 1700’s I do believe. It is situated on the banks of the St. John river, set back off the road amidst a large apple orchard. It is a huge house that has been converted to house an apartment in the upstairs.

I used to date a girl that lived in the upstairs and am friends with a guy whose mother lived in the downstairs.

The girl that lived upstairs used to be scared to get off of the school bus on our way home from school because she was alone in the house until later in the evening. We were in high school at the time and for a teen to not want the house to herself is kinda strange in my opinion.

I asked her about it one day and she told me flat out that the place was haunted. She told me of hearing someone hollering orders out when she was the only one home, her parents replacing the off white carpet in the livingroom where there was a large brown stain (dried blood I would think) only to have the stain reappear in the same spot. The landlord ripped the subflooring up and replaced this as well all to no avail.

My friend, who’s mother lived downstairs, invited me to go in one day. We went in and he showed me around. At the side of the house, in a porch was a narrow staircase that led to the 2nd floor. In the basement were rooms about the size of a cell but with no doors on them. In the walls were spots with new cement where holes had been filled. At the back of the house was a long hallway running from one side of the house to the other, and on the other side of this were three rooms. In the rooms were large concrete and stone slabs that when you stood on them you could look out the back windows across the lawn at the river. At either end of the hall it was caved in (dirt and stones). The history of the house is that it was used for British troops. The cells in the basement were just that. The rooms looking over the river with the large slabs were for cannons to protect the house. At one end of the long hallway was where the kitchen was, and the other end led to a tunnel that ran down to the river.

underground tunnelTroops used to come in through this tunnel when getting off the ship. The stairway I talked of earlier was used by them to get to thier sleeping quarters. The main level of the house was for officers.

On the main level of the house, my friend’s mother had seen people standing in the parlour out of the corner of her eye on numerous occasions, only to turn and see no one. His sister, was in the bathtub one day and heard the front door open and someone calling her name. She figured it was her mother wanting help with bringing in groceries so she got out of the tub, put her housecoat on, and went out into the hall. There was nobody around.

When we were down in the basement, only the front part where the cells were had lights. The back part where the long hallway was did not. When we went out I flicked my lighter on to see, but it cast no light. I put it up against one of the stone walls, and no light appeared on the wall. It is a very creepy spot, every part of the house just doesn’t feel right. It is a historical site, and has a plaque with a short history on the house mounted at the end of the driveway.

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  1. I recently went there to look at the place, because I was thinking about renting it. I heard it was haunted, but that didn’t scare me so much, but once I walked in my mind was changed.I felt negative energy and it scared me and my mother. It terrified my daughter, (who is only 12). She told me that if I were to rent the place, she would go live with her father. I don’t blame her though, because it gave me the heebie-jeebies.
    The man who owned the place said it was in his family for 40 years and it was built in the 1800’s. Both the downstairs and upstairs apartment were vacant so, I got to look at both places. It’s a beautiful spot and place, but no thanks!

  2. I lived in the court beside the Belmont house when I was a child. I would play in the apple orchard and call the names of the 2 girls who lived in the house at the time. LOL. I was like 6 years old and didn’t know it was haunted or the history at the time. Suppose I was the “ghost” to some.

  3. I went there for a tour one time. I wish I could have seen the basement. I like old houses. This would probably be one of the oldest in NB.

  4. I wrote the original post on it. most of the stuff on the soldiers etc i have learned since was all local legend, so not sure how accurate it is. The spot on the off white carpet, the girl that lived upstairs swore it was true. Years later, we went to look at the top floor to rent it, and there was carpet in what i would term as the living room, although it wasnt off white, she did say the landlord had ripped it up looking for the source of the stain.
    The stories about my friends mother living down stairs were all told to me as absolute truth.

  5. I got to spend a weekend there as a child. (1972) My oldest brother was asked to stay there to look after the cats from his professor. At the time it wasn’t apartments yet. I seen some weird things go on. I’ll never forget seeing things move and ghosts and hearing chains rattle. It’s sad they made it into apartments as it list it’s charm.

  6. I drive past here quite often and have always wanted to stop in,I love history and would really enjoy learning the true history behind this place by someone who wouldn’t try to scare me away with a ghost story.
    I believe that our own imagination is our own worst enemy when it comes to things like this. Ghost stories are just stories until I experience otherwise.
    Would enjoy hearing from the current owner or renter if possible?

  7. I lived in the Belmont house when I was 15 until I was almost 17, I lived there with my best friend and her family, sometime around 1997 or 98 I think! We lived in the apartment upstairs my friend and I shared a bedroom at the front of the house I do believe our window is the third one from the left, there were many occasions we had heard noises foot steps whispering and the sound of chain banging off stone walls,, I personally seen two different “ ghost” one a little boy dressed in suspenders and a hat seen him walking down the hall into our room the other was a young lady in a dress she would walk down the stairs towards the basement.. the place is haunted and if ur brave enough to sleep in the cell (parts of basement) or in the attic ur sure to hear or even see something

  8. There was never a white carpet in that house……… Does that story still seem true to you?

  9. My wife and I lived there in the 90’s and we had some very weird events happen to us as well as other family members. From footsteps running across the 2nd floor, when no one was in that apartment upstairs.

    Then the episode where I’m sleeping on the couch in the livingroom just outside of our bedroom, when I’m awakened from a dead sleep to see a female figure that I thought was my wife going to bed. The next day after work we talked about it and my wife asked me and I told her that she scared the crap out of me when she went to bed. She then told me that she was in bed and that I woke her up moving around on the couch and she heard a growl and then me saying you scared the crap out of me.

    One other episode was when we were getting ready to drive to Fredericton and we heard all this racket upstairs. When we went out to get into the car I stopped and looked into a window that looked up the stairs into their kitchen, when a female voice right in front of me said “Get away from the window”.

    There are many more.

  10. My parents lived there when I was born and I lived there as a baby until they moved. My parents have endless stories about that house while living there. There is absolutely something supernatural living there as well.

  11. I remember that place well, as I had grown up in the area myself. I had never been inside the place, but on a couple occasions I had to approach it. The energy I would feel there would be so strong and so negative, I couldn’t make it to the door and I would quickly leave. I can’t believe people would actually live in that location.

  12. I am interested in the history of this property and would love to be in touch with someone who lives nearby. Please email me if you’re local and into history. Thank you!

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