Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton
Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick Taylor Collection

Christ Church Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in Fredericton. It was founded by it’s first bishop John Medley, who was also in charge of hiring and paying the construction workers.

“But sadly, halfway through the construction process, he ran out of money, so he could no longer feed the construction workers. So, he did what every man of the church would do and he prayed for seven days and seven nights.”

On the seventh night, a mysterious note was slipped under the door with the letters “FSM” written on it, within the note was enough money to finish the project.

“To this day, no one knows what FSM stood for.”

Though, before this happened, Bishop Medley was stuck in his office for seven days and seven nights and he had to eat somehow.

“He would leave it up to his lovely wife, Margaret, to bring him food, breakfast, lunch, and supper every one of those days.”

Each day, she would walk the same steps from her house, to his office, and back again. Every day without fail, she would do this.

“To this day, even, they say that she still walks that path.”

On the lawn leading up to where Bishop Medley’s office once stood, grass will never grow. Perhaps because of the ghostly steps that still walk there each day without fail.

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