Haunted Locations

Here are just a few “Haunted locations” that we’ve heard about, but there are LOTS more from around the province. If you have had an experience, or know of a NB Ghost story we can add to the list, email us with a link to the story. Or you can write a story about your own experience and we’ll post it. Follow us on Twitter Facebook  Instagram and Google+.

  • The Algonquin in St. Andrews. The old man helps guests to their room as he tells them about the hotel and the town. The visitors have to leave tips at the desk because the bellhop disappears before he can take the money. However, the bellhop is not the only specter. Guests have heard a former night watchman walking up the back staircase and clanging his keys on the railing as he makes his rounds. 473 is known as “The Bride’s Room” where a ghostly bride (who was perhaps stood up at the altar) is often heard crying. An older apparitional lady, thought to be a senior staff member, is often seen in the dining room at night rearranging the table settings. Various ghosts have been seen in rooms 308 and 373. The Algonquin’s tower has been closed for years, but a light has been noticed there and also a woman dressed in white. A laughing and playing apparitional child has been heard throughout this hotel. Other strange occurrences are items that go missing on the fourth floor and door knobs that turn by themselves on the second floor.
  • Bathurst High School. This school opened in 1926. The paranormal activity is reported by faculty staff members underneath the trapdoor in the stage leading to a basement space. There are reports about powerful feelings of not being wanted, unease and of being watched. There are also a few reports about being touched by something unseen.
  • Blackville. The Dungarvon Whooper haunts this Dungarvon River, which runs in Miramichi near the Bartholomew River. It is a terrifying apparition, involving a young Irishman named Ryan who was working as a cook in a lumber camp at the time of his murder. According to the tale, Ryan’s ghost makes a loud whooping and yelling noise each night in the forest at the location of his death. Any young person from Blackville, or the surrounding area is likely to have been told the story, either to simply scare them or perhaps to scare them away from going deep into the dense forests that surround Blackville, for their own safety.
  • Burnt Church School in Esgenoôpetitj. There are numerous reports of apparitional and mysterious noises inside this school as well as the area surrounding it. Witnesses also report about feelings of unease and of being watched by unseen presences. There are reports of a strange feeling as if they are sinking into the floor in this school’s gymnasium. This idea is thought to be an unexplained phenomenon associated to the old cemetery.
  • Capitol Theatre in Moncton. When this building was operating as a movie theatre a girl fell down the stairs and lost her life. Her apparition wanders behind the ticket booth at night. A volunteer firefighter whose name was Alexander Lindsay lost his life in 1924 when the main stage fell on him while fighting a fire. His apparition sits in one of the seats in the auditorium and he is known for causing cool breezes to blow through this theatre.
  • Centracare in Saint John. Apparitional former patients and staff members are seen by witnesses walking through the park. Shadow figures are often in this area. Other paranormal activities include disembodied voices and whispers, infants crying in the area that was formerly the infant and children’s facility. There are also paranormal reports to the media about feelings of unease, fear, being watched and not being alone, electronic objects malfunctioning, light anomalies and mysterious mists.
  • Charlotte County Court House in St. Andrews. It was built in the 1840s and is the oldest courthouse in Canada. This place is across the street from the county gaol which was used into the 1870s. The courthouse is said to be haunted by convicts who were executed at the county gaol. Paranormal activities include cold spots and the feeling of being watched by witnesses have been reported frequently here by citizens. There is an apparitional hostile male that is said by witnesses to been seen carrying a piece of rope. He is looking for something and cannot be approached by paranormal investigators.
  • Fireship of Baie des Chaleurs is a 16th Century ship of forty Portuguese settlers that was set on fire by a British army. All year long, there have been strange lights reported by mariners at sea. Some of those witnesses who have dared to get closer have seen the ship and the actual settlers burning. When they got too close however, the ship disappeared.
  • The Genii in St. Andrews. There was a ship once upon a time, which was said to be unlucky at sea. One night, it was finally wrecked and all of the crew died in the fierce and cold waters . There is a spectral crewman who roams around looking for something or someone. There is also a young spectral woman who also looks around on the beachfront. She committed suicide according to legend for her one true love. She walks around looking for him. Paranormal activities include objects moving by themselves, disembodied voices are heard, and apparitional men walking all over the beach looking for answers.
  • Nordin. The Headless Nun was once an 18th Century resident of the French Fort Cove area named Sister Marie Inconnue (Inconnue being the French for ‘unknown’) who was subsequently beheaded. Details of the legend vary: in one version, a “mad trapper” cut off her head and ran into the woods with it. In another story, two sailors cut off her head after she refused to divulge the location of a treasure. This haunting story holds that Sister Marie’s head was never found, resulting in her ghost forever roaming the area in search of it. Today, “Headless Nun” tours are among the tourist attraction offerings in Nordin.
  • Rebecca Lutes’ Grave in Moncton. There is a myth about a 16-year-old girl named Rebecca Lutes who apparently died in 1876 when the city of Moncton found her guilty for sorcery. When she was buried, they apparently threw her corpse in upside down so she wouldn’t dig herself out. They also put a four block slab of concrete on top so she could never get out.
  • Skyway Lodge in Miramichi. An apparitional girl named Lily, who committed suicide in the building after finding her Mother dead after coming home, wanders the halls and apartments. Multiple accounts have been reported by visitors about poltergeist-like activity in the bathrooms. The spectral axe murderer haunts the basement. A report by from staff members echoed throughout the net states every possible sort of paranormal activity is present at this location and that there are possibly one hundred ghosts.
  • St. Michael’s Basilica in Miramichi. The paranormal activities are disembodied voices on the stairway to the second floor, an apparitional girl in the basement bathroom who apparently disappears once you look in the mirror, sounds of children laughing can be heard in the gym in the basement, a ghostly little girl and boy wandering on the first floor, disembodied voices of children and a nun screaming throughout this building.

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34 thoughts on “Haunted Locations”

  1. What about Frenchfort Cove in Miramichi? There’s a headless nun tale there.

  2. We did some research and found the story. It has been added to our Folklore page. Thanks for letting us know about this story.

  3. I heard some rumours about Partridge Island in Saint John being haunted. I don’t know if it’s true though.

  4. Every kid in West Saint John grows up hearing rumours about Partridge Island. Thousands of immigrants died there of typhus and cholera between 1785-1850—so many that the soil could scarcely contain the bodies—and it also housed a provincial lab to identify pathogens. Harder to verify: that it’s haunted by a soldier that committed suicide and people who got trapped in the tunnels.

  5. The Marathon Inn, Grand Manan Island is another location. There are stories available online

  6. There is apparently a little girl that runs around the basement of Brunswick Sq in Saint John that tugs at security guards and moves things around.

  7. There is an old brick house in Apohaqui NB with a lot of history and is haunted.

  8. The brick house in apohaqui was built by the Pearson family. Some of them still live in the sussex area, I do believe the house isn’t inhabited full time now and operates as a small winery

  9. Middle Island in Miramichi is haunted! The island itself is a mass grave. I worked at the restaurant on the island and weird stuff happens there a lot.

  10. There is house in Lincoln, nb called Belmont house, there have been lots of accounts of taps turning on and off and doors shutting, it was reportedly owned by a man who kept slaves…

  11. There are stories of middle island in miramichi as well since there are thousands of bodies buried there from thymus fevery etc. Mass Graves

  12. There is also The Moncton Hospital; kids playing at night, a nurse doing rounds, a dark shadow visiting patients rooms and a few more

  13. I have heard that one of the buildings at Mount Allison University has a ghostly “visitor” at night.

  14. Maybe look into the old jail in Woodstock. Benny Swim is supposedly haunting it after being hung twice (didn’t die the first time) for murdering his cousin ( who he was in love with) and her boyfriend. There is a small window at the very top that has a circle of frost cleared from it in the winter time so Benny can look outside. I believe it’s some type of office of government building now, but I’ve heard stories from people who were in the jail there when it was still open, and they would hear things, water taps would turn on and off, etc.

  15. I know it’s nothing historical but…. There is an island in florenceville that has just the remains of a chimney there, the island has a woman walking around some nights and the light from the windows (that no longer exist) can be seen. Furthermore east Esdraelon is haunted like crazy I’ve biked by people who just simply disappear, or have not have a discernible face on them.

  16. There’s also on the Kingston Peninsula, where ‘Ghost Hollow’ is. Allegedly a family was all consumed by a house fire and it is said that sometimes the house appears engulfed in flames and other reports have said the children stand by the roadside, blackened by the soot from the fire.

  17. My friend and I one night in saint john , about 25 years ago we were walking through a graveyard beside hilcrest baptist church around 1130 pm and my friend and myself saw a bride and a groom standing over an open grave and when we approached they looked up and they had skull faces ,and we ran like hell….

  18. On middle island in miramichi what are the stories of the hauntings

  19. Apollo Cinemas in Bathurst… Very intense in there after hours…. Personal experience….

  20. Middle Island in Miramichi. Can’t prove it but I saw a man, dressed in a long coat, brim hat. Beard. Sitting. Was after midnight last summer. Clear night. Long story short, I drove in. Headlights lit him up. Looked at him/it for a solid 3 seconds. Said.. NOPE. Reversed out and to be honest have not been back since. Reason I was there was for a smartphone GPS game called Ingress. Reason he was there.. nfc.

  21. I live in a very old house on Loch Lomond Road Saint John. It is over 130 yrs old. Often at night someone asks if I want tea or I hear the door open. I feel someone sit on my bed but no one is threatening. It is just the sounds of life going on peacefully. I have no fear.

  22. There’s a white house in Salisbury by the daycare and almost in front of the house is Wright’s bakery. It’s a two story house with a sunroom and a back apartment. I lived there in 2005. When you are upstairs in bed you can smell old tobacco around midnight. You can hear something going up or down the stairs. When you open the basement door you get a negative feeling. The basement is not finished and only a furnace is down there. Nothing ever made me afraid but the noise of the stairs was surprising when you would be standing there looking and you could hear but saw nothing. The lady living in the back apartment worked nights so she was not home. The tobacco smell didn’t come from her. The sunroom door…You could hear the glass doorknob make a sound but it didn’t move and the door never opened on its own.

  23. Rebecca Lutes’ Grave – She actually existed and was executed it is the location of her grave and the matter in which she was buried that is in question.

  24. Anyone happen to know if anything ever happened on 116 and 126 Wilsey Road? I used to live in the basement suite beside the laundry room when I was young and had something oppressive follow my family when we moved across country to Alberta. I’ve tried looking into the history of the area to see if I can find any explanation, but haven’t been able to find anything. This was in the late 1990’s.

  25. The city of Saint John especially (Lancaster) has seen a lot of tragedy which is usually a hot bed of activity for Paranormal activity. Remember the city has seen two great fires. Wollistook park AKA Centracare Munster House just what I’ve called the home across the street known for being extremely haunted! If you turn left leads you to a grave yard that apparitions have been seen if you turn to the right leads you to the old jail which is now a pizza place also known apparitions and cell door closing. Basicly what I’m pointing out is look and see your history and I have No doubt you find spirits.

  26. I live in a haunted house. There is a young woman spotted in the front window on the second floor. There is a man in my apartment all the time. He doesn’t bother me. I sense that he looks out for me more than anything. I’ve seen him before as well. There is also something in the basement. I had to go down once to change a fuse and something stabbed my hand 3 times. I live in Fredericton on Saint Marys street.

  27. I use to work security on fredericton university campus years ago..St. Thomas university holy Cross house was an old priest and nun house. A lumber jack went on a killing spree killing a few residents. They hung him in front of the building. Reported often in the girls dorms at night he is seen standing over beds looking angry and will dispear..objects in building known to move. There was also a fire around 1920ish not to sure of exact date. But a child was caught in it and can now be heard in one of the dorm rooms sobbing. A priest was also caught in the fire on the top floor in conference room. At night you can see his shadow on wall when lights turn on it dissappears and their is often reports of sounds of tables dragging and foot steps. Often found tables and chairs will be pushed to walls…UNB library on the 3rd floor a fire killed a librarian. I was visiting with one of the custodial staff friends at 3am during a night patrol of buildings we heard muttering and foot steps inside building we investigated each floor when we made it to the 3rd floor map room we saw a blue apparition of a dark blue fog almost as soon as we saw it we felt something grab our shoulders. Our first reaction was run. When we made it to back door I was met by another security member older and has been working for years on campus, explained that the librarian was caught in a fire and you’ll see here or a book will come off the shelf but never harms anyone. He then explained “your lucky you didn’t make it to the red room”. On the top floor of UNB library is the red room which was a more secret society cult meeting room from the early days of the campus ..rumors of a secret black book was hidden in room until the rooms recent renovations. Reportedly 3 individuals went in one night early 1900 and one made it out looking like freddy kruger had his way the person had huge cuts all over body when they tryed to identify the other two they looked like they went threw a blender. A few years later a priest a medium and reporter went in and only the reporter made it out same story found with cuts all over body and traumatized.since they keeps doors locked up tight.. This campus was also home to alot of early hangings and witch burnings. A death of thousands of crows congragate in the middle trail between campuses twice a year when the hangings and burning took place…the arts hall music building lower UNB a piano can be heard playing at night tho no one’s in building and the piano is in storage room buried under chairs ..there are catacombs under the entire campus that have tunnels that reach to the church by walking trail bridge much like a Indiana Jones movie. A few other buildingside and halls have reports of shadows and other ghostly interactions ….

  28. Carter’s Tea House amd MacDonald’s Consolidated school, both on the Kingston Penninsula, have had some paranormal stuff go on.

  29. The village of Port Elgin is definitely haunted– it feels like a ghost town

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