The Haunted School

school hall with lockers

school hall with lockersHere’s a story that isn’t so terrifying. Compared to my other experiences that is. This story comes from back before I was born, when my dad was 17. My dad grew up in a very, very small town called Alma, located in the province of New Brunswick in Canada’s east coast. I’m not exact on when the town was first founded but it has been around for well over 120 years.

My dad was in high school. The school he went to was kindergarten to grade 12, mainly because there weren’t a lot of kids in the town, so they only needed one school. His school was still rather big though. It had 3 floors and kind of a look-out type thing on the roof. Coming out of the side of the building were large black slides, which were used as fire escapes.

When I went back last summer (I was 21 at the time) to go visit my grandmother and my dads old hometown, we went to see his old school. As we were driving to it he was telling me that a long time ago before he started school there, there was a fire. One of the slides managed to disconnect itself from the side of the building, and when the teacher made the first student go, he fell three stories and hit the ground. He died instantly… obviously. He said there were many different accidents at the school, which made me a little more excited to visit the school.

I knew I would experience something at this school, If I was lucky, maybe I would even see a ghost. We got to the school and went to the front office and told the principal who we were. My dad knew the principal because they went to that school together when they were kids. I told the principal why I was so interested in visiting the school and he smiled at me and said he would take us for a tour after hours when the students all went home for the night. But before we left we walked around and saw all of the pictures and artwork, and anything else that is hung on the walls of a school. We saw my dads grad picture… wow, I’ve never seen him without hair before.

After dinner we got a call from Richard (the principal) and he said to come by and he’ll take us on the tour of the school. When we first arrived we waited a few minutes before Rich got there. I was looking over to one of the windows on the ground floor and I thought I saw somebody standing in the window. I looked back and it was gone. Which is how it usually goes I guess.

Rich came and we went inside. I asked if we could go into the room where I thought I saw a person in the window. It was the library. He told us that this is where a lot of the daytime activity takes place. He said that librarians would do their rounds, putting books back on their shelves, and when they leave the isle, they would hear a noise. When they go back to the isle they were just in, there would be the books, laying all over the floor.

This made me smile… It was nice to hear that they come out during the day, this way I knew they weren’t shy. Our next stop was the second floor. On the way up the stairs I began to feel very lightheaded and nauseous. My dad said he felt a slight headache but nothing serious. We stopped a few minutes so I could catch my breath and we continued on. We walked down a long dark hallway where the classrooms were all located. There were about 8 rooms on this floor. As we walked down the hallway I took a peek into each classroom. It was the second last door on the right that made me feel very uncomfortable. I went inside, Richard and my dad followed. I stood in the middle of the room.

“I’m feeling a very strange vibe in here,” I told Rich. “Almost… Almost an angry sort of vibe…”

Richard told me that about 5 years ago a student broke into the school, and hung himself in the classroom, as a surprise for everyone who came to school that day. I didn’t ask anything else about it. I’m not really interested in why kids commit suicide. In my spare time I volunteer to make sure kids make the right choices. So this kind of made me sad.

We continued on up to the third floor. I was first up the stairs and when I got to the top of the stairs I stopped. I looked down the hallway to the opposite end of the building, and I saw a little boy, just standing there, arms at his side. I wasn’t close enough to see what he was wearing or what his face looked like, nor was there enough light. I slowly stepped a little closer towards him. My dad and Rich stayed back at the door… They knew what was going on, and they didn’t want to startle the spirit.

I managed to past the first two rooms. Then the third… I got about 10, maybe 15 yards away from the spirit, and he turned around and walked right through the wall.

I noticed that there was a little door, one that you would have to duck down and pretty much crawl through. I knew this was the door to the fire exit. I looked at it, and that is when I realized that little boy was the one that fell during that fire in the early 1940’s.

My dad and Richard came up behind me and asked what happened, and I told them.

Richard explained that the night cleaners would often see him standing there. He said that he was harmless and that he hasn’t done anything to harm anybody, nor has he wandered to any other part of the school.

After a little while we finished our tour and went back outside to the truck. We said our goodbyes to Richard and headed back to my grandmothers house. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. Those poor kids. Like I said I do a lot of volunteer work with kids, so hearing about this story made me sad. And little did I know that very soon I would be moving into a house with a ghost of a little girl.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and I hope you liked it. Please feel free to read my other stories and email me if you have any questions. Also check out my You Tube channel! All of the information is on my profile, so check it out and I hope to hear from you soon.

5 thoughts on “The Haunted School

  1. You are talking about the Riverside Consolidated School, has 3 stories and black tunnel fire escape, located in Riverside Albert, New Brunswick, near Alma but you must have had a tour of thr Riverside school. I lived in the village of Riverside Albert . I worked in the Riverside school never saw any ghosts , but it is a beautiful building, if I were a ghost I would live there. LOL .

  2. The Alma Consolidated School was only two stories high and was torn down a few years ago. The school you speak of is in the community of Riverside-Albert. The Riverside Consolidated School still operates as an elementary school serving Alma, Albert, Riverside and rural routes. It still has the fire escape tubes attached to the school. Thankfully I never had to use one.

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