Forest Hill Cemetery


Forest Hill Cemetery, located on the south side of Forest Hill Road, is situated upon a hillside a short distance from the downtown Fredericton area.

During the 1870’s, concern about the possibility of contagious diseases being spread from the Old Burial Ground in the centre of town prompted discussion of a new cemetery. 

In 1876, prominent citizens from different Protestant sects organized the Fredericton Cemetery Company, later known as the Forest Hill Cemetery Company, to establish a non-denominational burial ground. The first recorded burial took place in 1877, nearly one year after a suitable site was selected and the property purchased.

The conditions required of a site suitable for burial purposes included close proximity to the centre of town, good drainage, and easily worked soil. The land purchased at Hawthorne Hill, later known as Forest Hill, met all requirements set by the Company. The Forest Hill Cemetery, by its situation upon a hill, overlooks the city and the St. John River.




Foresthill Cemetery

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