Fred Tims House

Fred Tims House

Fred Tims House

In 1922, Fred Tims acquired the expansive Lynch property, which had its frontage on Regent Street and extended towards York Street in Fredericton.

Timothy Lynch, a prominent figure known for his large-scale lumbering operations on the Miramichi, settled in Fredericton during the 1870s. He purchased a significant parcel of land located at what was then considered the outskirts of town. The acquisition of the Lynch property not only created new building lots but also facilitated the extension of Aberdeen Street, connecting York and Regent streets.


Fred Tims House
Taking advantage of this development opportunity, Fred Tims, a builder specializing in affordable housing projects, constructed this house and other similar dwellings along the newly extended Aberdeen Street.

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  1. Felt compelled to drop you a line as I am the Great Grandson of Fred Tims. I always felt a strong connection to Fredericton. I was born in Fredericton in 1954 and we lived on Charlotte Street in a two story two apartment right across the street from Puppy’s (Freds) three storey white apartment building. Both buildings were two of many he built on that street. Unfortunately my father Douglas Tims moved us to Ottawa in 1958 so ending our families contribution to Fredericton. I was not aware of this house on Aberdeen Street…. a pleasant surprise.

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