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Frederick W. Sumner House – Moncton

Frederick W. Sumner House – Moncton

The Frederick W. Sumner house is located at 114 Alma Street in Moncton and was designated a Local Historic Place for its unique architecture and for its occupants. 

The original structure, built in 1876 by local contractor and developer Dennis A. Duffy, was a rectangular Greek revival residence with typical returned eaves. The second occupant, Frederick W. Sumner, added a significant amount of detail to the façade. The distinctive full-length one-story veranda and two-story open portico with pediment with cement balusters and pillars were added by Sumner in circa 1891. Many of the elaborate interior details, such as the spiral staircase, panelled wainscoting, crown moulding and original fireplaces are well-preserved. 

Frederick W. Sumner House - Moncton

114 Alma Street was also designated for the significance of its occupants. Frederick W. Sumner purchased the residence after the bankruptcy of Dennis Duffy in 1891. Sumner was Agent-General for New Brunswick, a member of the Provincial Legislature, the first Mayor of Moncton, he served six terms. His involvement with many of Moncton’s major corporations helped shape the overall business environment of the city.

John H. Harris purchased the residence in 1905. At the time of his death, Harris had been Moncton’s Postmaster for 16 years. He was a well established merchant and landowner during the early 1900’s, the City’s first period of considerable growth. 114 Alma Street is in keeping with the residential track record of both Sumner and Harris for owning one of the finer residences in Moncton in their time. 

F. W. Sumner Home
F. W. Sumner Home

In 1950, Dr. Leo Doiron sold the residence to Sabrina Cadman, whose family operated a funeral home from this location for more than 20 years. The property is now the City Club. 

Source: HistoricPlaces.ca 

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