George A. Inch House


George A. Inch House

Constructed in 1916, the George A. Inch House at 296 Church Street, on the corner of Churchill Row in Fredericton, is a remarkable two-storey concrete edifice. As one of only two concrete structures on Church Street, it holds a unique position, standing on the eastern side of the street.

The property on which this house stands was bought in 1916 from George A. Inch, who was also the owner of the adjacent property at 278-280 Church Street. The construction of the house commenced shortly after the acquisition.

The George A. Inch House is significant not only due to its unusual concrete construction but also for its refined architectural design. Amidst the predominantly wooden structures of Church Street, this concrete house is strikingly distinctive. The concrete pillars at the front entryway and the side porch lend intricate embellishment to the overall simple rectangular design of the house.

Finished in 1916, the George A. Inch House represents the sole example of wartime housing in this part of Church Street, making it a distinctive landmark in the vicinity.

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