October 4, 2022


George A. Inch House

George A. Inch House

Erected in 1916, the George A. Inch House, a 2-storey concrete structure is situated at 296 Church Street, the corner of Church Street and Churchill Row in Fredericton. One of only two concrete structures on Church Street, this one fronts on the eastern side of the street.

The lot upon which this house stands was purchased in 1916 from George A. Inch, who owned the neighbouring house at 278-280 Church Street, and construction began shortly thereafter.

The George A. Inch house is a significant construction, not only for its building material but for the elegance of its design. Against the predominantly wood constructed backdrop of Church Street, this house stands out for its construction material. The concrete columns at the front entrance and those for the side porch add detail to the basic rectangular arrangement of the structure.

The George A. Inch House was completed in 1916, is the only example of wartime housing on this section of Church Street.

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