Germain Street Baptist Church – Saint John

Germain Street Baptist Church

Germain Street Baptist Church – Saint John

Situated on Germain Street within the Trinity Royal Preservation Area, the Germain Street Baptist Church is a designated Local Historic Place in the City of Saint John.

Germaine Street Baptist Church

Following the Great Saint John Fire of 1877, which destroyed many older buildings, a majority of Germain Street’s structures were built in the late 19th or early 20th century. While each church is unique, several constructed soon after the fire, including Germain Street Baptist Church, St. Andrew’s Kirk, and others, share various Gothic Revival architectural features. These churches contribute significantly to the ecclesiastical architecture of that era. Completed in 1879, the Germain Street Baptist Church exemplifies Gothic Revival religious architecture from the post-fire rebuilding period in Saint John. The style, which incorporates elements like a tower, hood moulding with corbel stops, and segmented and Gothic arch door and window openings, reflects a commitment to preserving a long-standing church architectural tradition.

The Germain Street Baptist Church is also acknowledged for its role as an important religious and educational hub in the City of Saint John. Originally established in 1818, the first building was destroyed in the Great Saint John Fire of 1877. Reconstruction plans were initiated shortly thereafter, and by 1879, a replacement church designed by Dewar Architects was constructed at the intersection of Germain Street and Queen Street, costing $47,000. As a center of religious and educational life, the church continued to grow, operating a private school on its premises for several years. In 1968, a new structure replaced a large section of the church.

Germain Street Baptist Church

However, in 2011, the church closed its doors due to a declining congregation and insufficient funds.

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2 thoughts on “Germain Street Baptist Church – Saint John

  1. I recently bought a book “The history of the Germain street Baptist church, the 1st hundred years 1810-1910.” Which was published in 1910. There is a picture of Rev. G.M Carey D.D. Along with a biography of his tenure. I was researching the churches history and came across this site and thought you might find this interesting.

  2. My great-great grandfather, Rev. George Montgomery West Carey, was the pastor of this congregation from 1865-1881. I wonder where the church records went when the building was sold?

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