Harvey Atkinson Home – Moncton

Harvey Atkinson Home - Moncton

Harvey Atkinson Home – Moncton

The Local Historic Place known as the Harvey Atkinson Home, located at 169 Botsford Street in Moncton, is notable for its exemplary Queen Anne architecture and its connection to former occupants. The building’s design showcases the Queen Anne style with its asymmetrical layout, multi-tiered gables, and varied window shapes. The use of single and 2-story box windows adds texture to the walls. Inside, the home still displays well-preserved woodwork, fireplaces, and an elaborate staircase.

The home has been a highly regarded residential property in Moncton since its construction in 1890. It was featured in a special edition of the Saint John Daily Sun in 1892 and was later showcased in the 1915 publication “Moncton: The City of Opportunity.”

In addition to its architectural significance, 169 Botsford Street is recognized for its association with notable former occupants. Harvey Atkinson, a prominent Moncton barrister, former alderman, Mayor of Moncton in 1901, and industrialist, was the original owner of the home. He served as a Director of the N.B. Petroleum Company, which drilled for oil in the Memramcook Valley in 1901.

Adelbert Cavour Chapman, a business and industry leader, and subsequent members of his estate resided in the home from 1890 to 1943. Chapman also served as an alderman and former mayor of Moncton in 1896 and 1920-1921, and played a significant role in the city’s economic growth around the turn of the 20th century. He was the owner of the New Brunswick Anchor Wire Fence Company, an original Director of the Central Trust Company Limited, and one of the incorporators of the Petitcodiac Hydro Development Company. Chapman was also a former Chair of the Moncton Hospital Board of Trustees.

Interestingly, Chapman and Atkinson share a historical tie in Moncton’s municipal politics. During the 1894 municipal elections, the vote for Alderman-at-Large resulted in a rare tie between the two gentlemen. The City Clerk ultimately cast the deciding vote in favor of Chapman.

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