Herman F. Weizel Residence – Saint John

Herman Weizel Home

Herman F. Weizel Residence – Saint John

The Herman F. Weizel Residence, 23-25 Orange Street in Saint John is designated a Local Historic Place for its architecture and for its association with Herman F. Weizel.

Built in 1924, the Herman F. Weizel Residence is a good example of Craftsman Bungalow architecture from the early 20th century in Saint John. This style is evident in such elements as the large shed dormer, the square pillars of the open front veranda and the multiple-paned windows.

Herman F. Weizel purchased and took up residence at this property in 1931. Born in Tziget, Hungary, Weizel first came to Saint John in 1903. 

Herman Weizel Home

In 1908, Weizel established “Weizel’s Shoe Store” on Charlotte Street. His brother, Joseph Weizel, soon joined him in the business. Together, they built one of the largest and enduring shoe businesses in the Maritimes.

Herman Weizel pioneered the theory of fitting shoes properly, a new concept in Canada when he first began his business. Before his initiatives, shoes in Canada were very limited in the sizes that could be acquired, and there was little regard for shoe width. Weizel expanded the number of shoe sizes and designed shoes of different widths in addition to lengths, so as to comfortably fit individual feet.

After a period of failing health, Herman Weizel died in 1971, leaving his brother Joseph Weizel as president and sole proprietor of the business. The business continued to remain in the family until 1977 when it finally changed hands. Weizel remained at this Orange Street residence until 1944. 

Resource: HistoricPlaces.ca 


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