HMCS Fredericton Anchor

HMCS Fredericton Anchor

The City of Fredericton has relocated a symbolic representation of its eponymous ship to a more visible site.

A frigate anchor, a naval gift deriving from the anchor collection used on the HMCS Fredericton, has been moved. For several years, it was discretely situated near City Hall but has now found a new home on the pedestrian path along the St. John River in downtown Fredericton.

The original HMCS Fredericton, a corvette, was known for its fortuitous service during the Second World War, maintaining a record of not being attacked throughout the four years of conflict.

The HMCS Fredericton (FFH 337) is a Halifax-class frigate that has been a part of the Canadian Forces since 1994. As the eighth vessel in her class, she is rooted in the Canadian Patrol Frigate Project. This is the second vessel to bear the HMCS Fredericton title.

Fredericton’s construction started on 25 April 1992 at Saint John Shipbuilding Ltd., Saint John, and she was launched on 26 June 1993. She was officially inducted into the Canadian Forces on 10 September 1994, with the hull classification symbol 337.

Assigned to Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT), she is docked at CFB Halifax.

Since 23 May 2014, Commander Jeffrey Murray has been at the helm of Fredericton.



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