Hole-In-The-Wall – Grand Manan

Hole-In-The-Wall - Grand Manan

Hole-In-The-Wall – Grand Manan

The largest of the three Fundy Isles, with a population of around 2,500 people, Grand Manan offers visitors an abundance of activities. Whale watching, bird watching, hiking, exploring parks, and scouting out all the lighthouses, to name a few. A favourite activity is taking a boat tour around the island to see whales, birds, seals and other marine wildlife.

Fishing boats at the North Head Wharf

With working fishing villages, herring weirs and lighthouses, visitors are treated to a glimpse of authentic maritime culture. While visiting, it is also essential to try the world famous Grand Manan dulse. 

Swallowtail Lighthouse Grand Manan

Grand Manan Island has two distinct geological landscapes. Volcanic rocks from the early Triassic period make up the western portion of the island. The eastern side of the island is made up of Cambrian metamorphosed sedimentary and volcanic rock formations.

Dark Harbour Grand Manan
Most people live along the eastern shore among the coves, beaches, ledges and cliffs created by the erosion of the Cambrian rocks.

Hole-In-the-Wall, Grand Manan NB

Erosion of the rocks on Grand Manan has formed many unique features. One of the best known is the ‘Hole in the Wall’ located on the east side of the island in the Cambrian volcanic rocks of the Fish Head Gabbro. 

Hole-in-the-Wall – photo by Less Morrison

Geologic study on Grand Manan goes back to 1839 when New Brunswick’s first Provincial Geologist, Abraham Gesner, visited Grand Manan Island to conduct a geological survey. 

Postcard of the Hole-in-the-Wall from 1910
Postcard of the Hole-in-the-Wall from 1910

Hole in the Wall Campground, now known as the North Head Campground is situated around an old quarry. 

Trail to the Hole-In-The-Wall

The Hole In The Wall arch is beautiful in its own right, but the views along the cliff trail are amazing. 

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