IODE (Clark) House

New Brunswick holds the proud claim as the birthplace of IODE. The first meeting was held in Fredericton on January 15th, 1900 in response to a telegram from Margaret Polson Murray of Montreal whose goal was to stimulate patriotism toward the British Empire. Members immediately contributed fully to an emergency war fund and provided comforts for soldiers fighting in the Boer War in South Africa. At war’s end, New Brunswick members expanded their work into education and welfare. Mrs. Katherine Black was the first provincial chapter president.

During World War I, New Brunswick contributed to the $5,500,000 raised across Canada by IODE as well as making and sending comforts to servicemen. Following the war, they erected cenotaphs in Fredericton and Moncton and placed the Soldiers’ Memorial in the Saint John Field of Honour. New Brunswick was first among provincial chapters to contribute their total share when the First War Memorial Bursaries were initiated. During the ’30s members enlarged their work with donations of food, clothing and schoolbooks. They supplied libraries and provided prizes for students at adopted schools. 

IODE (Clark) House
I.O.D.E. Clark House located on Waterloo Row, Fredericton

In 1960, the Provincial Chapter opened IODE Clark House that provided a home for seniors in Fredericton for many years.  The Clark House Trust Fund provided bursaries for students at New Brunswick community colleges. 

IODE Clark House

IODE Clark House

Here is an ad produced by Remax when the property was for sale. It gives you a more ind-depth view of the house and property. 

 Source: IODE Canada

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