Irving Eco-Centre : La Dune De Bouctouche

The Irving Eco-Centre: La dune de Bouctouche was developed by to protect and restore one of the last great dunes on the northeastern coast of North America. 

Bouctouche Dunes Irving Eco-Centre

The Irving Eco-Centre: La dune de Bouctouche offers visitors and school groups the opportunity to learn about the dune and its ecosystem. The fine sand dune extends 12 km into Bouctouche Bay and was created by the constant movement of sand due to the wind, tides, and ocean currents since the last ice age. The dune, estimated to be 2,000-years old, changes shape with every major storm. It serves as a habitat for a wide variety of aquatic plants and animals, and shore and migratory birds, making this a major ecological site. 

Irving Eco Center Bouctouche

The dune also serves to protect the bay’s calm waters and salt marshes. The Irving Eco-Centre: La dune de Bouctouche has been a very popular tourism destination for generations. A sandy beach, bathed by the warm bay waters, stretches along the foot of the dune. Explore the unique beauty of the dune by taking a guided tour or participating in an educational activity organized by the Irving Eco-Centre: La dune de Bouctouche guides. 

From the boardwalk you can observe the fauna crossing the dune, without endangering their precious, fragile habitats. This two-kilometre structure extends out to the beach and inner bay and has ramps making it wheelchair accessible. 

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Town of Bouctouche  


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