August 18, 2022


J.J. Fraser Winslow House

J.J. Fraser Winslow House

Loyalist descendant J.J. Fraser Winslow must have been a practical man, demonstrated by the outcome of his 1908 residence (located at 186 Waterloo Row in Fredericton) constructed by prominent local builder Thomas Allen. 

J.J. Fraser Winslow House

Although his house is of an unusual, yet elegant design, the original plans called for intricate window bars at the entry sidelights and upper floor windows, as well as detailed relief designs at the major roof pediments – of which there is no evidence of their construction. The original drawings for this mid-west Queen Anne Revival, with its distinctive pyramid turret roof, were by “catalogue” architects Hopkins & Davis of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are preserved at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

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