J. Stewart Neill House – 10AD

J. Stewart Neill House – 10AD

James Stewart Neill initiated the operation of radio station 10AD on the 12th of January, 1923. The broadcasting station functioned out of the Neill residence located at 212 Waterloo Row, Fredericton. The power output of 10AD was 10 watts and it broadcasted on a frequency of 250 meters.


CFNB Studio Queen St Fredericton

J. Stewart Neill managed James S. Neill & Sons Ltd., a hardware company instituted by his grandfather back in 1838. According to the January 1958 edition of Broadcaster magazine, which focused on CFNB’s 35th anniversary, it was mentioned that J. Stewart Neill first switched on his 10-watt transmitter on January 23rd.

CFNB Transmitter site New Maryland
CFNB Transmitter site New Maryland

In the following year, 1924, James S. Neill and Sons relocated its long-established hardware business, dating back to 1838, from lower Queen Street to a new site. This move included the three-story Chestnut building adjacent to it and incorporated a new sporting goods department. In 1923, Stewart Neill, the son of James, launched a radio station from his house which was later relocated to the second floor of the store, situated above 59 York Street, in 1928.


CFNB Radio Atlantic studio corner York & Queen St. Fredericton

The station was assigned the call sign CFNB (abbreviating Canada, Fredericton, New Brunswick) and offered initial broadcasting experience to renowned children’s author Mary Grannan and future Governor-General Romeo LeBlanc.

CFNB held the status of being the sole radio station in Fredericton until the establishment of a CBC station. James S. Neill and Sons Hardware and Sporting Goods business remained functional in the same location for several subsequent decades.

For a comprehensive timeline of CFNB, Radio Atlantic’s history, click here.

James Stewart Neill passed away in 1927 and his remains lie in the Forest Hill Cemetery, Fredericton.

J. Stewart Neill Gravestone

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