Jesse W. Tabor House

Jesse W. Tabor House

Jesse W. Tabor House

Located at 189 Smythe Street in Fredericton, a spacious home stands as a testament to the area’s rich history. This property was constructed around 1900 on land procured from Elizabeth Odell, the widow of William Odell, by Jesse W. Tabor. As a prominent local entrepreneur, Tabor owned a gristmill situated behind City Hall and was also part of the Tabor and O’Neill partnership that ran a planing and molding mill on the nearby King Street. This mill was later bought by the Chestnut brothers, who transformed it into the original Chestnut canoe factory.

In 1911, the property changed hands, with R.L. Phillips becoming the new owner. During World War I, Phillips operated an automobile garage from the barn on the property.

The property, with its residence, outbuilding, and barn, is considered the finest example of such a combination in Fredericton. Architecturally, it boasts several fascinating features, including a Palladian window in the front gable, a meticulously designed wraparound porch, and stalls for livestock within the barn.

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