Joe Medjuck

Joe Medjuck

Joe Medjuck

Joe Medjuck was born in 1943 in Fredericton. His father owned the furniture store “Medjucks”. Voted as one of the 150 most fascinating Frederictonians for their Sesquicentennial. 

Medjucks Queen St Fredericton
Canada Science and Technology Museum Photo

Medjuck received his BA in Honours English from McGill University and his MA and PhD from the University of Toronto where he taught for 12 years and founded the Cinema Studies Program at Innis College.

While teaching at University of Toronto, Medjuck also worked as a journalist for the film magazine Take One, Canadian Forum, The Times Literary Supplement, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and TVOntario. 


Often working with Ivan Reitman his producing credits include the films Stripes, Heavy Metal, Ghostbusters, Legal Eagles, Twins, Beethoven, Kindergarten Cop, Dave, Junior, Commandments, Father’s Day, Private Parts, Space Jam, Six Days, Seven Nights, Road Trip, Old School, Eurotrip, Disturbia, Chloe, Up in the Air, No Strings Attached, Hitchcock and Draft Day.

In television his producing credits include the cartoon shows The Real Ghostbusters, Beethoven and Mummies Alive! as well as the Emmy nominated HBO film The Late Shift. 

The Late Shift

Medjuck was one of the founders of The Criterion Collection. He lives in Montecito, California with his wife Laurie Deans. 

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