John A. Humphrey House – Moncton

John A. Humphrey House Moncton

John A. Humphrey House – Moncton

John A. Humphrey house consists of a Gothic Revival-inspired 2 ½-story dwelling with attached barn located on the west side of Mill Rd. in Moncton, just south of the former J. A. Humphrey & Son Limited factory.

The John A. Humphrey House was designated for its Gothic Revival architecture and its level of preservation. It was constructed c1871 when John A. Humphrey moved to the area, which at the time was on the outskirts of Moncton, to get into the textiles business. This dwelling’s steeply pitched roof and gable dormers, along with its hexagonal bell-shaped tower give verticality to the overall structure. The use of brackets, bargeboard, bay windows and dormers that break the cornice are distinctive elements of the Gothic Revival style. 

John A. Humphrey House Moncton

The House was also designated for its association with John A. Humphrey, one of Moncton’s most successful industrialists, and his son and business partner, William. F. Humphrey. J. A. Humphrey’s success as a businessman and employer in the textiles industry resulted in his being one of the wealthiest people in Canada at the time of his death in 1895. He had also served four terms in the New Brunswick Legislature. Fittingly, the area of Moncton where he and his family resided and worked is still known as Humphreys Mills

John A. Humphrey House - Moncton

In 1996, the John A. Humphrey House was designated a Heritage Property through the City of Moncton Heritage Preservation By-Law. 


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