August 18, 2022


John Johnson House – Sackville

John Johnson House – Sackville

John Johnson House in Sackville is designated Local Historic Place for its architecture and for its association with the original owner.

John Johnson House is recognized for its architecture. Built in 1899, it is a large white clapboard Queen Anne house, which incorporates frequent bay windows and towers that dominate the front façade. It is prime local example of the late Victorian period of architecture.

The house is also recognized for the original owner. The house was built for lumber baron John Johnson, a self made man. He participated in the boom in Sackville that led to incorporation in 1903.

Johnson and his three sons, Oren, Seward and Josiah were directly involved in lumbering. His main operations were at Johnson’s Mills, between Sackville and Dorchester Cape. It was such a large operation that permanent buildings were built on the shore: a building to house the portable mill, the bunkhouse, where more than twenty men wintered, and barns that housed the many horses needed to haul the finished product to Grand Anse. John Johnson acquired land in Sackville in 1897, part of the property of prominent shipbuilder and sea Captain Thomas Egan. 

John Johnson House - Sackville

At the peak of this prosperous period in the lumbering industry, John Johnson moved from Westcock to Sackville, building this large house for his family of five children and entering heartily into the business life of the community. By 1908, he had served six years in the Westmorland County Council and on the Town Council. 


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