August 18, 2022


John Saunders Flood House

John Saunders Flood House

William Grosvenor bought this property, located at 197 University Avenue in Fredericton, in 1854 from John Saunders Flood. The house was built and occupied sometime after by John and James Fowler, who purchased the property in 1857. Its simple gabled form, side entrance and ornamental treatment is similar to a nearby house built by James Fowler. 

John Saunders Flood House

Samuel Grosvenor, the father of William, came from Vermont about 1795 and died in Fredericton in 1825. He had 11 children: Sophia; Hannah; Maria; William; Elizabeth; Charles; Samuel Frasier (1812-1882); Mary (1814-1877); Joseph (1815-1816); George (1818-1890); and Jane, died in infancy.

William Grosvenor kept the leading dry goods store of his day, on Queen Street opposite Officers Square. After his death, his widow returned with their young sons, Joseph P. (born 1851) and William S., to her family in Scotland.

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